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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are single individual synthetic lashes applied skillfully & directly onto your natural eyelashes. They are bonded to each natural lash with a special adhesive which leaves them lightweight & they will feel just like your own. They are available in a range of lengths, thicknesses, curvatures and colours, which can be tailored depending on what look your are trying to achieve. I do not believe in 'One Look Fits All' so whether you are looking for subtle & sophisticated or jaw dropping coloured volume - we will work together to find the right look for you.

Want an UNIFORM Look?
Opt for one of the below.

Classic Extensions - Full Set | 90 mins | £45

The most subtle, natural looking lash extensions. I recommend this style for those blessed with a very full natural lash line who would like to get that perfect curl & perhaps also more length.
A single extension is applied to every healthy natural lash, from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye.

Hybrid Extensions - Full Set | 105 mins | £55

Not sure if you want Classic or Volume lashes?....Hybrid lashes are a mix of single and volume lashes which give a fuller look then classic lashes but with a fluffy effect.

Russian Volume - Full Set | 150 mins | £65

This is most popular lash service & is the next step up from Hybrid Lashes. Anything from 2 to 7 lash extensions are handmade into a fan which is then applied to every healthy lash. Russian Volume is suitable for those who want a fuller look, have sparse lashes or may have gaps in their lash line.

Premade Volume - Full Set | 105 mins | £65

Want a volume look but are short on time? Then opt for our premade fans consisting out of 6 lash extensions.  

Mega Volume - Full Set | 120 mins | £80

(Coming Soon) These are Instagram worthy lashes.
If you are looking for a really dense look, then this is what you will need. Up to 12 lash extensions are applied to each natural lash in a premade fanned shape giving the ultimate va-va voom. Bigger in volume again, creating that super full & dark lash line. 

Want a MESSY Look?
Opt for one of the below.


YY Lashes - Full Set | 105 mins | £45

If you are still looking for a natural look, but want them messy, then these are the way to go!

American Volume - Full Set | 210 mins | £75

Also often called NYC Lashes, Kim K or Messy Russian Volume. Here longer spikes will be used throughout the set giving more of a strip lash look.
Just like Russian Volume, this set is completely handmade out of fans containing 2 to 10 lash extensions and is perfect for those who want a messy full look.

Ready To Upgrade Your Lashes?

Want to know even more about Lash Extensions?
Give my Eyelash Extensions Fact Page a read where you can find more info about the difference between Classics & Russian Volume, a Pre Arrival Check List & Aftercare instructions, not to forget lots of FAQ!

Lash Extension Patch Test & Consultation | 15 min | Complimentary

For ladies that have never had eyelash extensions or haven't worn them in the last 6 months to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions and to discuss in depth the lash extension styling best suited to you. Please arrive with no eye make-up on.

Maintenance Infills

Infills are required every 2-3 weeks. If longer then 3 weeks or less than 50% of extensions left, you will require a full set.

You will be advised which slot is needed to get your preferred results during your Consultation Appointment.

Classic, YY, Hybrid, Russian & American Volume Infills:

30 Mins Lash Top Up (For In Between Infills) | £20

45 Mins Lash Infills (Classic & YY Only) | £26

60 Mins Lash Infills | £32

75 Mins Lash Infills | £38

90 Mins Lash Infills | £44

Premade & Mega Volume Infills:
45 Mins Lash Infills | £38
60 Mins Lash Infills | £44

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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

This is my lovely view using during Russian Volume Appointments, it being full sets or infills. Look at all that fluff which is to be seen using a dental mirror. I use this so I can ensure that all different layers (even the lower layers) get lashed.