The solution for the time poor, those sick of drawing their brows on daily, have an active lifestyle or just simply want to look their best everyday with no effort. Unlike the harsh block brow tattoo of the past, Microblading is an extremely precise art of cosmetic procedures.  The colour and shape is individually customised to every guest, perfect for both dark or fair hair & depending on your needs, the brows can be softly defined or completely remodelled.

Microblading is achieved in 3 Steps:
Consultation - Procedure - Top Up


Step 1 | Consultation & Patch Test | 20 min | Complimentary

I want my clients to be 100% comfortable & confident before going ahead with a Microblading treatment. It is for this reason that this consultation is offered completely free of charge with no obligation whatsoever to proceed with the treatment. So if you have been thinking about Microblading then this is the very first step.

Step 2 | Microblading Procedure | 3 hrs | £225 | Payment Plan Available

This is where the magic happens! We will re-discuss your consult choices, then commence free hand drawing your new brow shape outline. After perfecting this new shape and your final approval we will begin the procedure. 
Upon the big reveal of your newly designed brows you will be equipped with the essential aftercare information & products...
Prepare yourself for an afternoon of selfies and staring into the mirror. You will be in awe of them!

Step 3 | Microblading 4-8 Week Top Up | 2 hrs | Included in Step 2

Your final appointment is between 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure. This is a final perfection appointment to make any touch up. As we would have already discussed during your consultation, you can lose pigment in some areas of the brow as your body takes on the healing process. The Top Up appointment is essential to create the perfect result which will then go on to last up to 18-24 months. You will still require to keep your brows tidy as per normal, but to help with this you will receive 15% off any Brow Basics treatments for an entire year from the date of your top up. 

Step 4 | Annual Microblading Top Up | 2 hrs | £125

An annual colour refresh will keep the hair strokes defined and full. This procedure must be within 12 months of the initial treatment (Step 2) to be eligible as an Annual Top Up (over 12 months will be priced after a consultation). For existing L&B Workshop Microblading Clients only. You will receive 10% off any Brow Basics treatments for an entire year from the date of your top up.

Colour Refresh on other Artists Work 

Price Available Upon Consultation.