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Intro Into microblading

What is Microblading?

So everybody keeps on going on about Microblading.
Not surprisingly as it is by far one of the hottest trends for women right now. But what actually is it?

Microblading is a form of Semi Permanent Makeup for the eyebrows whereby a manual tool, made up of a line of tiny needles, is used to apply pigment into the surface layer (the epidermis) of the skin.

The aim is to create hyper-realistic beautifully shaped eyebrows. These are created by hair fine strokes which are drawn following the natural growth of your hair. The chosen pigment will be a close match to your eyebrows or your natural hair colour. 

Is Microblading for me?

Microblading is for everybody!
Which of the statements below do you recognise?


My eyebrows are uneven.

My eyebrows are overplucked & I have sparse patches.

My eyebrows do not seem to grow.

I want fuller brows.

I wish my eyebrows were more defined.

My eyebrows are so light you can barely see them.

I wish I knew how to shape my eyebrows.

Fed up with pencilling in my eyebrows.

I have an active life & lack time.

I have no eyebrows.
I want natural looking eyebrows.


If you have been considering Microblading for awhile then please contact me. I am very approachable and happy to answer any questions you may have. This can either be done via the telephone, message or face to face during a Consultation Appointment which you can book here

Take the step towards beautifully shaped natural looking brows which will not wash off.

How long does Microblading last?

Microblading is a semi permanent procedure which tends to last approx 12 - 18 months after which colour boost top ups would be required. 

The durability of the treatment depends on many factors such as for instance your skin type, your age, sun exposure, exfoliants (such as facials, microdermabrasion & chemical peels), exposure to salt water, if you are a smoker, have a strong immune system or have an iron deficiency.

Does Microblading hurt?

The feeling can be compared with having your eyebrows tweezed. During the second part of the treatment when the hairlines are filled in with colour, I will use a anaesthetic which will reduce the pain to a minimum.

Why PhiBrows?

As a fully trained and qualified Phibrows Artist, we are different to standard normal "Microbladers".

Phibrows is a worldwide academy specialising in a specific style and application of the pigment. I was personally trained by Vilma Karaliute whom is a PhiBrows Master Artist. Only artists trained with Phibrows earn themselves a logo which can help to distinguish our work.

PhiBrows Artist Kristine Pym Logo

Is PhiBrows Microblading safe?

I care very much about my clients Health & Safety in every area of my business. It is for this reason that I use disposable tools where possible & new sterile blades for each client. A Patch Test will be required minimum 48hrs before your treatment to rule allergic reactions out as much as possible. Quality products are used for all my treatments & for Microblading I use PhiBrows Pigments because:

  • They are exclusively made for microblading and have an excellent colour retention.

  • They do not contain Tartrazine, which is a highly artificial colouring additive. Therefore, it lowers the risk of experiencing allergic reactions.

  • They do not contain heavy & toxic metals, which are usually found in 98% of semi permanent pigment brands.

  • They do not develop reddish shadows & the pigment does not migrate under the skin. 

  • They have not been tested on animals, nor do they contain animal derived products making them completely vegan friendly. 

For further information please check out the Microblading Procedure, Pre Existing Conditions as well as my Pre-Arrival Checklist. And of course if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.


microblading procedure

Microblading is a 3 Step Procedure which consist of an initial Consultation Appointment, your actual Microblading Appointment and a final Top Up appointment 4 - 6 weeks later.

Step 1: Consultation Appointment

Typically taking 30 minutes we will go through your desires, talk about what you can expect from both your initial appointment as well as your top up appointment. We will discuss  the aftercare & healing process (you may find more info on this here). You will also get a chance to see my tools & products and discuss any concerns you may have.

I will check your eyebrows as well and advise what results can be achieved. If you are happy to go ahead a quick Patch Test will be performed to rule out an allergic reaction as much as possible to the products I use during the treatment. More information about Patch Tests you may find here.


To end we will find you a convenient time to book you in for your actual microblading appointment (£50 booking fee required), unless you have booked yourself in already using my online booking system.

Step 2: Microblading Appointment

Typically I schedule 3 full hours for the actual Microblading Treatment. We may not need this long, but perfection must not be rushed.

Before you arrive...


Before you arrive I will ensure that everything is disinfected. This will include my tools such as my PhiBrow Compass, pencils, but also the couch, my chair, my Glamcor Professional LED light & my work surfaces.

I use disposable tools where possible and will offer for you to disinfect your hands as well on arrival.

Your Desired Look

Next we will discuss your desired brow look; we will choose a colour pigment according to your natural brow colour, your skin tone and your eye & hair colour. I then commence with measuring & drawing on your tailored brow shape.
It must be said that our faces are NOT perfectly symmetrical but I do try my very best to create as much symmetry as possible. In the industry we often like to say 'Brows are Sisters, not Twins'.

Brow Shaping

The shape of your eyebrows will be calculated according to the Golden Ratio (also known as Phi - 1.618) and face morphology.

 For those who do not know about the Golden Ratio, it is a mathematical ratio linked to Italian Mathematician Fibonacci, which seems to appear recurrently in nature, architecture, etc & which we perceive as 'Beautiful'. The geek in me really urges you to give this a google as it is fascinating stuff.


To help with my calculations I will use my PhiBrows Compass and draw the shape which is specifically suited to you. Pictures will be taken during the shaping part of the treatment to ensure symmetry.

Hair Fine Strokes

After your approval of the brow shape, I will commence applying semi-permanent pigment with a disposable microblading hand tool.




After the initial strokes have been placed an Anaesthetic will be used to make the treatment relatively pain free. 


Pigment Mask

The pigment is worked into the hair fine strokes and a pigment mask is left on for a short while which will define your brows beautifully. 

Aftercare Instructions

Your brows will go through a series of changes during the weeks after your Microblading appointment and I will ensure that you know exactly what will happen so you are prepared for it. Full detailed Aftercare Instructions will be given as well as a little Aftercare Pack. Next time I see you will be for that all important Top Up which will perfect your brows. Find out more information about Aftercare & the Healing Process here.

PhiBrows Microblading By Lash & Brow Workshop - Kris Pym

You are still not sure or may have questions?
Why not contact me to book your Free Consultation Appointment where we can discuss the options face to face.

Step 3: Top Up Appointment

Microblading, like all forms of micropigmentation, is a process which in 95% of the time will require 2 sessions for the desired result to be achieved. I tend to compare it with having your nails done. The first coat looks good, but the second coat will just top it off and makes it look amazing! 

The reason for this is because everybody heals differently and outcomes will vary. Certain areas my not have picked up during the first session and will need to be refilled. Pigment colour may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added.

Most importantly, your Top Up Session is when we refine your brows to ensure they look perfect and retain the colour for as long as possible. 


While most people are great candidates for Microblading, there are a few contraindications for this procedure to be aware of. 
If you have any questions regarding any of these please get in touch before booking your appointment.


  • Under 18 years of age

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding (would need to wait for 6 months after your last feed)

  • Glaucoma

  • Skin Diseases such as Eczema (Dermatitis), Psoriasis, Rosacea & Undiagnosed Rashes or Blisters around the Eyebrow (advised to see Doctor to get the condition under control - may be able to proceed with Doctors Note)

  • Allergies to Makeup or Colours

  • Easily triggered Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

  • Transmittable Blood Conditions such as HIV or Hepatitis

  • Cancer (Doctors Note Needed)

  • Hemophiliac

  • Thyroid Medication

  • Healing Disorders

  • Blood Thinners

  • Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure or Mitral Valve Disorder

  • Epilepsy​

  • Old Permanent Makeup (It would need to be significantly faded for the hair strokes to show through - please submit a picture to determine if you would be a good candidate for Microblading)



I want you to have the most beautiful set of brows and for this to happen it is ESSENTIAL that all Pre & Post Care Instructions are followed.

  • Retinol/Retin-A (a possible ingredient in moisturizers) which is not to be used 7 days prior to your Microblading Treatment 

  • Botox & Fillers must have a 14 day gap between your Microblading Treatment; Microblading is recommended before use of Botox & Fillers where possible. 

  • Chemical Peels & Laser Treatments may not be done 60 days before or after your Microblading Treatment

  • Sunburned or Suntanned Skin is damaged skin and therefore will cause excessive bleeding; Do not expose yourself to the sun for 30 days before or after your Microblading Treatment and thus take care when scheduling your Sun Holiday & Microblading Treatment.

  • Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine 1 day before your Microblading Treatment.

  • Do not take Asprin, Ibruprofen, Niacin, Fish Oil or Vitamin E 3 days prior unless it is medically necessary. 

  • Tweezing, Waxing, Electrolysis & Brow Tints are to be avoided 14 days prior to your Microblading Treatment.



I could give you the most beautiful set of brows - with the nicest shape & most gorgeous hair strokes BUT to ensure you get the best results it is imperative that the appropriate Pre & Post Care Instructions are followed. 

Your brows will go to a series of changes in the weeks after your Microblading Treatment. 
To start with they will be very dark but do not worry as the colour will fade and the strokes will shrink. As essentially Microblading creates a wound, it is only normal that your brows will scab over and those scabs will be falling off. Do NOT pick your scabs as it will effect the way the pigmentation. At one stage your brows will become very patchy but do not worry as all will be fine after your Top Up Appointment.

PhiBrows Microblading Torquay -  Different Stages & Emotions after your Microblading Treatment.

You will be given detailed Aftercare Instructions & a complimentary Aftercare Pack to care for your new brows.

It is important NOT to get your new brows wet for the first 7 days. They can get wet in the second week but just ensure to dry them really quickly.

Until all the scabs are gone you will not be able to wear brow makeup, no creams (only the one provided) & no facial treatments or sunbeds.

Avoid Saunas, Steam Rooms, Hot Yoga, Swimming in Pool or Sea, Working Out & Sweating.​