'Pure Ice' Clear Adhesive is perfect for:


  • Those Lash Artists who prefer to work fast with its 1-2 seconds drying time.
  • Those Lash Artists who work in a wide range of humidity levels. Whilst it works best in a environment with a humidity level between 45 & 65%, it will also work between 30 & 75%.
  • Those Lash Artists who work with coloured lashes. As the adhesive is clear you will get a seamless look where no adhesive can be seen.


How To Use?

Remove the lid & cover the nozzle with a lint free wipe. Shake vigorously for a minute. Dispense a blob on your adhesive stone. Wipe the nozzle with the wipe and close with the lid. Always store upright in a cool dark place. Ensure to store at a consistant room temperature. Dispose of your adhesive once open for 4-6 weeks.


Never Bulk Buy Adhesive.

It is NOT recommened to stock up on large quantities of adhesive because of its shelf life, even when unopened. It is for this reason that we would recommened that you never stock up on more than 2 x bottles at a time so you know you always work with the freshest adhesive possible.


The Solution? 'Pure Ice' on Tap.

But we are here to make your life easier! So simply get 'Pure Ice' on tap by starting a monthly subscription. It really is a win-win.
You sign up once, and every month you will receive your adhesive automatically at a discount! And that way you will also know that it will be F.R.E.S.H!

PURE ICE - Clear Adhesive - 1-2 Seconds - 5ml

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