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Join the Mailing List & Get 10% Off

Join the Mailing List & Get a Discount Code of 10% Off Eyelash Extensions or Brow Treatments | Lash & Brow Workshop | Torquay

As I am writing this post I can not help but think back of my philosophy lessons in Uni.

"Everything flows, nothing ever truly stands still" - Heraclitus

And the same is for Lash & Brow Workshop. When I am not tending to you lovelies during your appointments, I am behind the scenes always working on something Lash & Brow related.

This week I've build in a little toolbar on the website where you can put your name & email address in and as by magic it will send you a little 'Welcome' email containing a lovely 10% off discount code to be used on your first treatment. Perfect if you would like to get a nice new set of eyelash extensions!

At the same time you would have joined the Lash & Brow Mailing List where you will receive probably once every 2-3 months an email containing all the latest news, offers and competitions which are occurring at that time. I hate spam myself so won't be sending to your inbox every week, I promise!

Why am I starting a Mailing List you may wonder? It just takes the hassle away for you which means - especially with offers - that you are not likely to miss out on them. Easy Peasy Lemon Squazy.

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