Award Winning Lash & Brow Artist | Accredited Trainer | PhiBrows Microblading Artist

Lash & Brow Workshop® was founded in 2016, where I was seeking to develop a professional service for women who are looking for that touch of elegance for their eyes.

It was not long before lashes & brows became a passion, a hobby, a job, an escapism, an obsession & so much more! 

My ethos is all about giving the best service whilst using quality products & having continuous learning experiences:

  • The products used are all by innovative and trusted brands such as for instance London Lash Pro, Lashbase, Lash Heaven, MLAB Outback Organics to name a few.

  • I am dedicated to ever improving my lash & brow abilities by practising advanced techniques, by keeping up to date in the lash & brow industry but also by attending Accredited Courses to ensure I keep my skills up to date. Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to train with the very best (inter)national trainers of this era.

In 2019 I took the step to take Lash & Brow Workshop® to the next level! 

A relaxing, purpose build & fully equipped beauty studio, aka 'The Workshop' came to life.
As it is just me tending to your brows & lashes, the Workshop will offer you a high degree of privacy. There will be no other clients & no interruptions. It will give you absolute peace, a place to unwind & a complete break from your daily hectic life.

Not only did I invest in a bit of a lash & brow haven, I also became an Accredited Trainer being able to offer:

  • Beginners Courses for those with no experience,

  • Mentoring for those who are qualified but are looking to improve their skills,

  • Advanced Workshops for those who are qualified and are looking to learn about a specific subject.

I am happy to have won a couple of Awards & Prizes. Simply click the button below to find out more.

Meet Monti, the Boston Terrier.

He is super friendly, playful & loves cuddles. He is my little mascotte & will be working (more like playing or dozing) alongside me most of the time.


If you rather not have him in the treatment room, then just let me know and I will ensure it is just me welcoming you to the Workshop.

Meet Emilie

She is the 2nd Lash & Brow Wizz working at Lash & Brow Workshop where you will find her every Monday & Thursday Evening which is perfect for those people working 9 to 5. She is also available on a Tuesday Morning.

Fun Fact… She was one of my very first regular clients, she is also one of my students & she offers Dermaplaning as well as Lashes & Brows!


In the Winter of 2017 I began my training with Master Microblader Vilma Karaliute.

The PhiBrows Microblading Technique is the best and most recognised, world renowned way to implant pigment.

Unfortunately, due to being so busy with Lashes, Natural Brows, Training & Mentoring I do not longer offer this Treatment.

In recent years I became more aware about the impact I have on the world. This led to becoming Vegetarian in September 2017 & Vegan in June 2018. 

It was natural progression for me to offer only Vegan & Cruelty Free treatments at Lash & Brow Workshop®.

I simply would not want to put on your face, what I am not willing to put on my own.

Together with my husband Ashley & our children, we moved to Torquay, Devon in December 2016.
We still love exploring the areas around what we call home.