If you are looking for something spectacular to be added to your treatment menu, look no further! 

Lash Lift & Tint is truly one of a kind: It's an easy, fuss free, low maintenance lash wonder which you can perform in just an hour. Your client will love the instant results which last for approx 6 weeks and it therefore also goes without saying that this is easily one of the most popular treatments at any beauty salon!

This course is for you if want to start a new career in the beauty industry, if you would like to supplement your income on top of your full time job, or simply if you would like to add to your already existing treatment list. Whatever your reason, you will not regret it. 

On your training day you will learn how to safely lift the natural lashes and tint them darker to give a mascara like effect.


This is a half day training course with availability in  the morning, afternoon or evening! Check the available dates below for more detail.

This course is broken into sections of Theory, a full Demonstration (of me performing a lash lift on my own model which you can observe) as well as your own Practice on a Live Model. We will finish the day with a Q&A Session.

You will then go home where you will put all those new learned skills into practice by completing your case studies. How quickly you pass will depend on your natural skill & how much work you put in. Anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months is perfectly normal.


What Will You Learn?

  • Lash Lift Benefits

  • Client Consultation

  • Patch Testing

  • Contraindicators & Precautions

  • Health & Safety

  • Insurance

  • The Science Behind Lash Lifting & Tinting

  • Storing Your Products

  • Choosing The Correct Shield

  • Timings

  • Lash Preparation

  • Securing The Lower Lashes

  • Lash Lifting Step by Step

  • Aftercare

  • Relaxing The Lashes

  • Troubleshooting

  • Marketing & Business Tools

What Is Included?

  • Half Day Training Course

  • Demonstration by me on a Model where you can Observe

  • Practice on your own Model

  • Printed Manual

  • Starter Kit which can do up to 15 treatments (earning potential of approx. £450!)

  • Student Watermark (to use on your social media until you pass)

  • Accredited Certification (once you have passed your case studies)

  • Lifelong Support (even after you pass your course)

  • Student Discount on Lash Supplies & Additional Training Courses

Starter Kit:
You will be able to use my products on your training day and will be able to take home the following kit.

  • Protein Remover Wipes

  • 5 x Perming Solution

  • 5 x Setting Solution

  • 5 x Nourishing Lotion

  • 10 x Silicone Curling Shields (in different sizes)

  • Lash Lifting Tool

  • Y Comb

  • Lash Lift Adhesive

  • Pure Black Tint

  • Oxidant Creme

  • Dappen Dish

  • Tint Brush


Learn in Group or 1 to 1:
You can opt for 1 to 1 training or in groups of up to 3 students. 


Group: £250
1 To 1: £350

A £125 (or £200 for 1 To 1) booking fee is required to secure your place & have your starter kit arranged.

If large starter kit (up to 45 treatments; earning potential of approx. £1350!) is preferred, than this can be arranged too for an extra £50. Additionally, it is possible to do this course without a kit at all. Please email to arrange.

The remainder can be paid at the start of the training day. Full payment will be taken for all cancellations within a 2 week period of your booked training date (via Stripe, which is a secure payment network).

Next Dates for Group Training:

  • Friday 16th October 2020 (9.30am - 1.30pm)

  • Friday 20th November 2020 (9.30am - 1.30pm)

More Dates can be added if there is demand.