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Here at Lash & Brow Workshop we are not keen on plastic glue wells as they simply produce more waste. Instead we would encourage everyone to use a re-usable adhesive stone instead. Even better if they look as beautiful as these ones! 


This Luxury Agate Adhesive Stone has a cold smooth surface which will keep your adhesive nice & cool, making it last longer. 


Each stone is embellished with a gold plated edge to give that touch of class.


Please note that this a 100% natural product and that each and every stone will be unique in its charactarisics in terms of colour, size etc. We do believe that this makes your adhesive stone that little bit extra special. The diameter of your adhesive stone will be roughly 5-6.5 cm.

Agate Adhesive Stone

  • Agate is a crystal which belongs to the quartz family & is meant to have healing proporties.

    It is meant to bring you stability or grounding in your life and leave you with a sense of peace & support when you feel scattered or overwhelved by modern life. It is therefore an ideal piece for someone who wants to slow down and gets centered. It is recommened for those who struggle from anxiety or stress as well.

    It definitely sounds like a piece you would want in your treatment room.  

  • We are passionate about providing the best quality products which will help both you & your business thrive and this whilst also minimising the impact on the environment. 


    It is for this reason that our shipping materials are 100% biodegradable as well as recyclable & we will work towards getting our products & packaging as close to this as well.


    Our products are Vegan & Cruelty Free. Always.

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