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They are exactly the same as your normal classic extension, only they have a squashed base & split tips.

There are so many reasons to LOVE them! 


  • Retention can be improved. Due to the squashed base, they have a larger surface area, which creates a stronger bonding point between the extention and the natural lash.
  • You will be able to create fuller, darker & thicker lashes but without the added weight. A 0.20 diameter flat lash is the equivalent to a 0.15 diameter in a regular lash. This makes them perfect for those  who love a more dramatic look.
  • Clients with naturally thin lashes will also really benefit from Flat Lashes, as it will give them just more VAVA VOOM.
  • They work fantasticly in Hybrid or Wispy Sets. Use some on the bottom layer to create a dark lash line (which works especially well if you are short on time) or use them as Spikes in your Wispy Sets.


If you have not tried these before, we would strongly recommend that you do! You may never look back. 


PS: Other terms for Flat Lashes are used by other companies which may include Cashmere, Ellipse or Rhomboid lashes. 


Packed in cardboard trays as we try to be kind to the world we live in.


Buy 4 Get 1 FREE! 

Simply add 5 x Trays in your basket & add code '5FOR4' at checkout. 

Flat Lashes

  • Each Box has 12 strips of Flat Lashes.


    Mix 7mm - 13mm: 7mm (1), 8mm (1), 9mm (2), 10mm (3), 11mm (3), 12mm (1), 13mm (1)

  • We are passionate about providing the best quality products which will help both you & your business thrive and this whilst also minimising the impact on the environment. 


    It is for this reason that our shipping materials are 100% biodegradable as well as recyclable & we will work towards getting our products & packaging as close to this as well.


    Our products are Vegan & Cruelty Free. Always.

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