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This guide is for you if you want to know all things retention.


The following questions will be answered:

- What is meant with Retention when it comes to Eyelash Extensions?

- Lash Growth Cycle & Lash Sheds?

- Why is good Retention so Important?

- How Can I Improve Retention?

- What to do with Brush Offs?

- How to Deal with Clients with Poor Retention?


- Pricing

- Photography Tips


Format: PDF Download

Pages: 17

Size: 4.9MB


If you have any further questions after purchasing this guide you are welcome to contact

Guide To Good Retention of Eyelash Extensions

  • You will be buying a digital guide in a PDF format which you will be able to print at home.

    This download is intended for personal use only. Do NOT share it with anybody else in any format.

    This download is NON REFUNDABLE.

    This copy is not for resale. 

    This is not intended to be used for training purposes. If you are a trainer and would like to use this, please contact

    All Rights Reserved.

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