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These handtested volume tweezers are fantastic to be used for any technique & makes the most beautiful fluffy handmade fans. They are lightweight and comfortable to work with and offer an incredible strong grip. 


Each pair is handtested using our 0.07 Russian Volume Lashes.


Made of Japanese Steel which is known to retain its precision & sharpness for an extremely long time.


You will receive these tweezers in plastic packaging but are working towards cardboard packaging in the near future.

WILLOW - 75 Degree Volume Tweezers

  • All our Volume Tweezers are handtested by Kris before you will receive them.


    As each and every single pair of tweezer are handmade, they will be slightly different in terms of weight, tension & pickup point. This will mean that if you purchase multiple tweezers you may have to get used to each one.


    There is  a range of different shape tweezers available and some shapes may suit you better than others.  As you gain experience you will know what shape you are most comfortable with.


    Always expect there to be a ‘breaking in’ period when you try new tweezers. Our advice is to try them every single day for a couple of weeks.


    Lastly, make sure to keep your tweezers safe & make sure not to drop them! Lash Tweezers are very precise. When they are knocked, they may be unable to pick up lashes any longer and must be send to the Lash Tweezer Graveyard.

  • We are passionate about providing the best quality products which will help both you & your business thrive and this whilst also minimising the impact on the environment. 


    It is for this reason that our shipping materials are 100% biodegradable as well as recyclable & we will work towards getting our products & packaging as close to this as well.


    Our products are Vegan & Cruelty Free. Always.

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