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Brow Design Workshop


"Learn To Design The Brows Of Your Dreams"

Went on a Basic Brow Course but it didn't go into the nitty gritty of Brow Mapping? Or maybe you just need a bit more help?

Then this Advanced Workshop in Brow Design will be for you!


Unlike 1 To 1 Mentoring, where the content very much depends on what you want to improve upon (and also may include practical work), these Advanced Workshops have content which is preset, focusing on a specific subject.

Evidence of your qualifications are required at the time of booking. Please forward these to

Please note that these Advanced Workshops are not accredited courses and are just to increase your knowledge.

Why opt for an Advanced Workshop with Lash & Brow Workshop?

  • Small Groups of approximately 2-6 Students

  • Theory
    Go over the nitty gritty of lashing or browing. Remember, knowledge is power & this will really show in your practical work.


  • Lifelong Support
    It is my aim to be always there for you should you have more questions or concerns after your workshop.


  • Student Discount
    You will receive a Student Discount Code for when you need to top up your Lash Supplies.


  • Certification of Attendance Included

Brow Mapping Workshop

Are you struggling brow mapping?
Don't know which brow design suit which client?

Struggle with symmetry?
Or maybe this was not covered in your initial course?

If you want to slay your brow treatments, then this is a must!

In this Workshop you will learn step by step mapping, how to correct common brow shapes, identifying which brows suit which faces & photography tips. 

Are you trained in Tinting, Henna Brows or Brow Lift but need some extra help? This can be touched upon too!

Theory & Practice on Each Other

Duration: 2 hrs
Full Manual & Goody Bag Included

Price: £95

Requirements: Any Brow Qualification 

A £30 Booking Fee is required to secure a place. 

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