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"Let's Improve Your Skills Today"

A Mentoring session may just what you need if you are already a qualified Lash Artist & you are looking to take your lash game to the next level.


Whether you are Classic or Volume trained, these sessions will be tailored to what you feel you would like to improve on, it being mapping, coverage, perfect fans, adhesive usage, etc.


The lash industry is rapidly growing & evolving and there is ALWAYS something new to learn. Sometimes it is just helpful to have a refresher, especially if you did not receive a lot of aftercare with your original course, but mostly, it is vital if you want to grow as an Artist and stay up to date with your training & knowledge.


Mentoring can be conducted Online (via Zoom) or Face-to-Face at the Workshop. 


The content will be very much based on what you would like to improve upon. I could show you how I work, my technique and share my knowledge with you. I also like to see how you work and show you ways of perfecting it. 

Topics Which Can Be Covered:



Wispy Lashes




Lash Preparation

Perfect Fan

Adhesive (Theory)

Adhesive Usage (Practical)


Distance & Direction

I will need a list of topics that you would like to cover during your mentoring session in order to customise the workshop for your needs. Please submit your topics not later than 1 week before your mentoring session.


1 hr - £50


2 hrs - £100
(Online or Face-to-Face)


3 hrs - £150


The 1 & 2 hrs sessions are Theory only whilst the 3 hrs sessions are Theory & Model Practice.

 Evidence of your qualifications are required at the time of booking. Please forward these to

A £50 Booking Fee is required to secure a booking and can be completed by using the button below.

Why opt for Mentoring with Lash & Brow Workshop?

  • 1 to 1 Training (or Small Groups of 2 Students on request). 

  • Model Practice
    When opting for 3 hrs mentoring you will get the chance to lash a model with me. This is recommended as it will allow me to assess your technique and give help where needed.


  • Lifelong Support
    Mentoring does not end with just the actual mentoring session. It is my aim to be always there for you should you have more questions or concerns after your session.


  • Student Discount
    You will receive a Student Discount Code to use when you need to stock up on Lash Supplies.


  • Certification of Attendance Included

Please note that Mentoring Sessions are not accredited courses, but purely to increase your knowledge.

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