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Will Individual Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Kris Romsee from Lash & Brow Workshop in Torquay, Devon explains why Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions do not cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

Lash Technicians get asked this question a lot and it is actually a very good question. To be able to answer it we need to know what Individual Eyelash Extensions are, but also know a little bit more about our own natural eyelashes.

So lets start with your natural eyelashes. You may not realise this but your eyelashes, just like the rest of your hair on your body, are in a constant growth cycle.

There are 3 phases of growth: Anagen Phase In this phase your eyelash is actively growing for approximately 30-45 days in length.

Catagen Phase When your eyelash stop growing they enter this phase which lasts around 7-14 days. The hair follicle will reduce back and the blood supply will detach.

Telogen Phase This is the final phase where the hair follicle remains dormant until it starts to grow again. It is at this point where the base of your eyelash will break free from the root and the eyelash will shed. A new eyelash in the Anagen Phase will take its place. The Telogen Phase can last up to 100 days.

Everyone however has a unique hair growth cycle meaning that some people have quicker or slower cycles than others. It may be dependent on your genes, your age, your lifestyle and even the time of year. For instance, it is known for us to have lots of lashes in the Telogen Phase in Summer, whilst we tend to lose a more than usual amount of eyelashes in Autumn.

It is also worth noting that our eyelashes will be in different phases of each cycle at all times: some may be growing and some may be resting.

So now that we know about our Eyelash Cycle, lets talk Eyelash Extensions.

Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions

These are applied onto each isolated natural eyelash. Different lengths, diameters & curls can get used to create various looks (from natural to glam).

Individual Express Lash Extensions

These are applied onto the lashes using a quick method which does not isolate the natural lashes. Different lengths, diameters & curls can be used as well.

Cluster Lashes Cluster Lashes are several lashes attached at the base to form a cluster and are applied along the lashline.

Strip Lashes Strip Lashes are a row of lashes aligned on a strip which is adhered at the lashline and generally last up to 24 hours. You are able to buy them in supermarkets or cosmetic stores etc.

So do Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions cause damage?

Well, the answer is that they don't, as they simply fall out when you lose your natural lashes at the end of the Telogen Phase. In fact, they can be worn without a break without causing damage whatsoever.

The same can not be said about Cluster Lashes or Individual Express Lash Extensions. If these are not removed on time (as advised by your therapist) these can cause damage as they will not allow the natural eyelashes to grow out naturally.

I did want to end on a word of caution however. Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions should not cause damage, but only on the condition that they have been applied in the correct way.

Choose a reputable Lash Technician who sets a high standard and has invested in his/her education, equipment & products. Research your Lash Tech. Ask them questions. Let them prove to you that they are the Tech for you.

So there you have it & I hope it all makes sense. Feel free to leave a comment or question and speak soon.

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