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3 Reasons Why Lash Techs Should Nanomist

So many lash technicians use a nanomister or nebuliser, but what are they?


A nanomister is a small handheld device which sprays a controlled micro mist of water from its nozzle. Technically speaking a Nebuliser is a device which administers medication in the form of a mist which is then inhaled. Obviously, lash technicians do not administer medication, but what they can do, is fill the nebulizer with water, which then again will from a mist.


Now why would we want to use one of them?

It has all to do with you adhesive. Don’t forget, your adhesive is does not dry like a paint. Your adhesive need moisture to cure.

You can use it for 3 reasons:

  1. If the humidity is too low, give the lashes a quick mist. This will add a bit of moisture to the natural lashes, which will allow for my adhesive to grab a little bit better.

  2. Misting at the end of a set can help eliminate any adhesive vapours which are left in the air. This will make it a lot gentler for your client to open their eyes.

  3. It will also aid the prevention of allergic reactions, as it will speed up the curing process.

Whether you use a Nanomister or Nebuliser, it is important to fill it up daily with cold boiled water, distilled water or saline. Simply leave to airdry at night. After all, you wouldn't wanna spray those lovely lashes with dirty moisture!

If you would have any more questions about misting then please let me know.

Lots of lashes, always!

Kris x

Picture Credit: Lashbase & Lloyds Pharmacy

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