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Eyelash Extensions Holiday Care

Eyelash Extensions Holiday Aftercare

If you are going on holiday then Eyelash Extensions are a must!

Let’s face it. You have worked hard all year long so going on holiday is your special time! Too right you want to look and feel fantastic which is not going to happen with mascara running down your face!

Eyelash extensions are completely waterproof which means that swimming is totally on the cards. Even if you are not much of a swimmer, it is still good to know that a dunk in the water to cool down from that gorgeous sunshine is not a problem whatsoever.

They will also speed up getting ready (so more time for cocktails!) and will look perfect all the time so you can look & feel like the Queen you know you know you are.

Now that we have established that Eyelash Extensions are a must, let’s talk holiday aftercare to ensure you can enjoy them to the full whilst you are away.

Your extensions typically do not like heat & oil, yet you will be exposed to a lot of sun, sun cream, sweat and more than usual towelling.

Don’t fret though as it just means you will have to take note of the following:

  • Schedule your new set of eyelash extensions (or infill) right before you go away so they are nice and fresh before you go and make sure to book an infill 2-3 weeks after!

  • Clean your lashes twice a day, ideally with a special lash brush & a formulated lash cleanser. This will not take 2 minutes and can be done whilst you are in the shower. Both cleaner and brush can be inexpensively purchased from Lash & Brow Workshop.

  • Use an oil free sun cream, especially near your lashes. Avoid sun cream sprays or oils.

  • If using normal (oily) sun cream I would recommend to wash your face and lashes a couple of times during the day and reapplying the sun cream straight after. Alternatively, jump in the pool as the chlorine will help keeping your lashes clean.

  • Take care with applying lotions too close to your lashes. Whilst I am a big fan of sun protection and don’t advocate going without or being thrifty at all (better safe than sorry), in my own experience I found I wear my sunglasses 99.9% of the time when outside in the sun. If this is you, you may not have to go too close to your lashes anyway.

  • Whilst you can swim with your eyelash extensions, make sure to have some goggles handy if you down water slides etc so you don't get blasted in the face.

  • Avoid steam rooms & sauna's for the first 24 hrs after your appointment and limit your visits after this time as the heat may affect your lash retention.

  • Unfortunately when you go somewhere hot and sunny, a bit of transpiration is going to be inevitable (sorry ladies). We do tend to sweat more on the forehead, the upper lip and the lids which in return may affect your lash retention. Again, if this is you, I would advise to just rinse your face a couple of times throughout the day or dab some blotting paper on your lid & brow area in regular intervals.

If you go on holiday for longer than 2-3 weeks you could always think of having a lash lift instead. This again is a brilliant treatment which will lift your natural lashes at the roots which will make your lashes appear to be curlier and longer. The added tint will give a mascara like effect & there is absolutely no maintenance. The results of a lash lift last for approximately 6 weeks.

Whether you go for Eyelash Extensions or a Lash Lift – make sure you feel amazing on holiday and have the most amazing time!

Lots of Lashes,


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