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Start of Spring Lash Shed?

Humans go - just like other animals - through seasonal hair changes: Hair loss in Spring & Autumn is a thing! In Spring we go into the first hair shed of the year. We probably won't notice it but our hair gets a bit thinner & you lose more eyelashes. From July onward it is thought that we hold on to the most hair (Mostly the hair will stay longer in its Telogen or resting phase before we lose it. Find more info on the lash growth cycle & the different phases <here>.) It is thought that this is to protect us from the sun. And in Autumn we go shedding again! So all this extra hair we held onto in Summer will disappear again and yes, this also applies to your lashes!

Now, you must have seen the recent weather reports on the news. A tropical blast is supposed to bring us temperatures warmer than the Mediterranean and it is a fact that our British temperatures are around 10 degrees Celsius above the average of this time of year.

So although in theory we should not be due a lash shed yet until after the end of March. However, with the temperatures so mild lately, I am wondering if the weather is tricking our bodies in thinking that Spring is upon us which may have triggered the Spring lash shed to have started early.

If that is the case be warned that you will be losing more lashes than normal and that your eyelash extensions may need infilling a little bit sooner than normal as well. It is just something to bear in mind when booking your infill appointments. Don’t fret however, as our hair growth cycle only last roughly for 6 weeks and your new lashes will come back thicker & healthier.

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