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Torquay's Wedding Eyelash Extensions Specialist

Torquay's Wedding Lash & Brow Specialist - Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift, PhiBrows Microblading, Brow Overhaul

Wedding hair and make up is such an important factor for so many brides. After all, this is your Big Day and you want heads to turn, jaws to drop and every man in the venue to think your husband to be is one lucky guy!

Torbay's Wedding Lash & Brow Specialist

Forget the eyelash strips you can buy at the supermarket. After all, they are a pain to apply, feel uncomfortable & then there is the risk they come undone when you rely on them the most!

Instead, let me help you take some of the pressure off and shine on your wedding day by giving you a set of Eyelash Extensions which will give you volumised and gorgeous wedding eyes.

I offer a FREE consultation for anyone looking to have Eyelash Extensions so contact me with any questions or read the FAQs below.

  1. When Should I Book My Bridal Lashes? Reactions do not happen very often at all, but it would be horrible (and probably just your luck!) for it to happen to you on your Big Day.As for any special event I always recommend to have a full set 2 weeks before the Big Day and have an Infill Appointment 1-2 days before. This because even if you have been patch tested, a reaction can still occur in a very small number of cases. By having the set 2 weeks before the event, if a reaction was to occur, it would have calmed down before the biggest day of your life. However, you may not even want to leave it until 2 weeks before your wedding. You may want to wear them before you attend your Hair & Make Up trial for instance to see the full look. It is very much advised to make your bookings as soon as possible as I do get booked up far in advance.

  2. Why do I need a Consultation Appointment? I offer Consultation Appointments for all my treatments whether you are having Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow Overhauls or Microblading. At the end of each Consultation a mandatory Patch Test will be carried out to ensure as much as possible a lack of allergic reaction. These Consultations will allow me to find out more about you and what you want your eyelashes to look like. I also will be able to see your lashes in person so I can talk you through the results you may be able to achieve. Additionally, we can discuss the difference between for instance Classic, Hybrid or Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. Together we will work out what style you are trying to achieve, whether it is more natural or jaw dropping volume, either way - it all can be achieved with Eyelash Extensions.

  3. Will the Eyelash Extensions come out on my Wedding Day? No! You can shed as many emotional tears as you like! You will not lose them like you would for instance with Strip Lashes & they will not smudge such as with mascara. They are completely waterproof and are safe in the shower or even to swim in.

Group Wedding Parties, Hen Do, Group Packages, Eyelash Extensions Torquay Torbay

Don't forget the Bridal Party!

Of course it may that not only the Bride may have luscious waterproof lashes. They are probably also needed for the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom & the Bridesmaids!

For this reason I offer the following for the Wedding Party:

Party of 3 or more? This means 10% discount for ALL of you.

Party of 4 or more? This means 12% discount for ALL of you.

Party of 5 or more? This means 15% discount for ALL of you.

As mentioned before, it is very much advised to make your bookings as soon as possible as I do get booked up far in advance.

To make your booking go here and book each individual in with their own personal details. Then message me with all of the names in your Wedding Party & I will apply the discount on the day of your appointment. Simple!

Look forward to seeing you.

Lots of Lashes,


Torbay's Wedding Eyelash Extensions Expert

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