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Have a Lash Nap!

Lash Naps welcome here at Lash & Brow Workshop in Torquay! Relax & wake up with a gorgeous set of Eyelash Extensions.

Lash Naps are very much encouraged at Lash & Brow Workshop.

There are a couple of reasons:

1. I just want you to relax! We live such busy lives nowadays; How lovely is it to have a bit of time to yourself and wake up with gorgeous lashes?!

2. You may not realise but when talking your body moves: from your eyes, eyebrows, head to sometimes even the hands and the entire body! It makes it so much harder to apply extensions when the under eyepad & lashes are moving up and down.

3. Although as a woman (haha) I am quite good at multitasking, I do believe you deserve 100% for me to focus my concentration on producing you a luscious set of eyelash extensions.

So next time you come for your lashes... You will know I am not being antisocial, I am just being professional. ️

Book yourself in for your own Lash Nap here.

Lots of Lashes,


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